Ear Tug Combo Kit

Ear Tug Combo Kit

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This Combo kit includes the Accessibility Kit and the game.

This accessibility kit requires knowledge of Braille and some minor reader assistance in initial setup.

Product Description from Board Game Geek:

In Ear Tug the players pull colored wooden ear shapes from a bag and match them to cardboard tiles with animals on them. Rules for 3 games with this basic mechanism are given. In "My Ears, your ears" the players race to find the ears for their three animals. In "The hare has long ears" players collect animal tiles by finding both their ears. In Tic, Tac - Animal they try to form a row of animals with both ears. The age range given is 3-12, though 3-6 might be more realistic.

From the box:
"Take a tug at my ears" the cat meows to the little dog. The cat especially likes this. Softly the dog pulls on an ear. "Hey but that's my ear!" the bear growls. The ear of the cat is a completely different shape. "It's not that easy" the dog whimpers.

Can you help the little dog search for the right ears? Players pick an ear out of the bag and try to match it to the animal it belongs to!

A game collection to train the sense of touch and classifying abilities for 2-4 players ages 3-12.

9 Animal Cards
21 Wooden Ears
1 Cloth Bag