Sell Sheets and Videos

Sell Sheets and Videos


These are the games I am currently working on and actively seeking a publisher for. Each page has a sell sheet and a video of the game.


Flock of Lies - 3-6 Player Family Party Game where you bluff about a bird watching contest

Tableau of 2 Cities - 2-6 Player Midweight Strategy Bidding Game where you build a tableau in with a snake draft so you get a good card and a bad card

FourTress - 2-4 Player Abstract where you build with four colored tiles either up or out

Solar Flares - 1-4 Player Tactile Strategy Game where you put together tactile tiles blindfolded trying to save your space station. (* no video yet, working on it)

Solar Winds - 1-4 Player Midweight Strategy Tile Laying Game where the tiles change from game to game and the victory points move in waves.

Interplanetary Post - 1-5 Player Small box Strategy game where the cards make up the board and provide numerous choices

Soviet Bloks - 1-4 Player Small box cooperative game where you place pentomino workers to collect resources and glory for the homeland!